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Smoke Odor Removal Services

While odors are often an inevitable, normal occurrence in homes, foul odors, such as smoke, can be concerning when they linger and are tough to eliminate. Airing out your home and using air fresheners aren’t always enough to address unpleasant smells. Lingering odors can indicate that there’s serious smoke damage that has been done to your home.  In such cases, professional odor removal services are essential to restore healthy breathing air in your home.

Basic cleaning services will not be sufficient. For smoke odor removal it’s time to go with a pro!

With their advanced equipment, specialized products, and knowledge, odor removal professionals can thoroughly conduct a complete odor removal. Not all odor cases are treated the same, though. Proper odor removal varies based on the source of the smell, but professional odor removal services can address these issues.

What’s the Importance of Smoke Removal Services?

Below Are Several Reasons to Consult Smoke Professionals:


To remove tobacco smoke odors in your home effectively and in the shortest time possible, hire Lancaster Carpet Cleaning. We provide complete smoke cleaning and sanitation, professional deodorization to thoroughly eliminate the tobacco residue.    



We have the resources to effectively clean materials and belongings to rid them of smoke particles, ensuring that the smell is no longer present in your home.  



We can help eliminate the unpleasant smell of smoke and soot in your home and rid it of any of the harmful pollutants in the air, which can also cause respiratory illness with continuous inhalation.  


What Does Professional Smoke Odor Removal Entail?

The most important step in the removal of smoke odor is working at the source. Because, if you don’t address the source, the odor will just continue to linger. Therefore, we work to remove whatever is causing the odor. Using various deodorization techniques, we’ll also work on cleaning the affected air spaces, objects, and structural elements.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA filtration works to remove lingering odors from air space by filtering out the odor’s particles. This ensures that the air is thoroughly cleaned and safe for breathing.

Hydroxyl Generator Technology

Hydroxyl molecules are made up of a hydrogen and oxygen atom that have chemically bonded. Hydroxyl generator technology produces hydroxyl molecules that eliminate odor contaminants from the air.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging deodorizes by neutralizing odor particles. The “fog” contains exceptionally fine particles that kill the odor’s particles. This technique is particularly effective for eliminating smoke odors.


Ozone can deodorize by destroying the bacteria, molecules, and other particles that produce the odors. Ozone is comprised of three oxygen atoms and quickly reacts with whatever it encounters. The way ozone odor removal works is that ozone’s third oxygen atom allows itself to become attached to other molecules and change the structure of the molecules, thus eliminating the foul smell.

Smoke odor is a serious issue that often can only be addressed by a professional odor removal service.


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